Cynthia Sobraty

11:00AM - 4:00PM

Sat 9th & Sun 10th July 2022

Cynthia Sobraty aka plasticmessiah is a Naarm based neuroqueer illustrator, musician, filmmaker, drag daemon and writer. They identify as non binary, queer, autistic and BIPOC.  Drawing obsessively since they could pick a pencil, they have always been entranced by the expansive magic of character design and storytelling. Since 2013 they have tattooed well over a thousand humans with custom drawn pieces, each helping to expand to their visual lexicon and illustrative abilities.

Their work explores mental health, queerness and neurodivergence and creative rendering of these internal worlds. Cynthia's work is shaped by pop culture, fashion, psychedelia, occultism, video games, 90s Golden Era Disney, colour theory, anime, ancient archetypes, primordial pierrots, the cursed and haunted. They are inspired by the ability to visually and sonically transmute trauma through art, humour and beauty. 


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