The ultimate
traveling queer venue


What Is The Hub?

The Q+ Hub is the ultimate traveling queer venue.

Made from a reclaimed shipping container that has been architecturally modified and decorated with all 12 colours of the fully inclusive rainbow, the Q+ Hub is a beacon of Diversity and Inclusion, wherever it lands.

Transforming into a mobile Exhibition & Learning Centre and multi-artform venue, it comes equiped to host events, such as:

  • live performances
  • Concerts
  • Exhibitions
  • Workshops
  • Markets
  • Cinema screenings

...and SO MUCH MORE!

Because it's a shipping container, it is designed to take up residency practically anywhere, making it perfect for rural, regional and remote communities across Australia.



Making The Q+ HUB

Live Mural activation

Over time, as the Q+ Hub is activated around Australia, each of the 12 colours on the Hub’s exterior will be replaced by the work of a local queer artist.

Each of these commissioned artists (making up a broad cross-section of the queer community) will add their own unique experience of being an LGBTIAQ+ person in Australia to the work.

Public Art Installation

At each activation, the general public will be invited inside the Q+ Hub to listen, read and interact with the messages of love and self-expression left by previous communities and be given the opportunity to add their own, with the guidance of an artist in residence.

Interact Live & virtually

As a traveling venue & public artwork, the general public will be able to watch and interact with the Q+ Hub in both real life and virtually, as it evolves and tours throughout Australia.