Sunday Cinema Queer Lives in Isolation

7:30PM (sunset)

Sun 28th March 2021

A unique opportunity to watch queer cinema under the stars. Bring your dog, pack a picnic dinner, bring your own doona and watch queer stories on the silver screen at the Q+ Hub.


Queer Lives in Isolation

6 short films 

Duration: 50 minutes

These 6 exciting new works by talented Victorian filmmakers highlight the experiences of LGBTIQ+ people as they navigate the infamous COVID-19 lockdown period.

Some of the content in these short films is suitable for people over the age of 18.



During Melbourne's Stage 4 Covid-19 lockdown, housemates Colin and Rosie pass the time people-watching on their front lawn. Between games of 'smash or pass' and critiquing the outfits of passerby's, the duo engage in candid conversations about Queer authenticity and the importance of community.


Intimate Partner

Met with the solution to their couchless living situation during a state-sanctioned one-hour walk, Ari awkwardly enlists the help of their (recently declared) intimate partner, Chris, in carrying their newfound couch back home.


The Odyssey


Zoom class finally gets interesting for 13-year-old Kiki when she discovers that her computer screen doubles as a portal into her crush's bedroom. 

A reflection on young queer love, the fantasies we create in our heads, and the lengths we go to feel connected during isolation, this 6-minute kids comedy short is sure to put a smile on your face.


The Space Around You

Sarah Ward and Bec Matthews are a multi-award-winning queer creative couple who collaborate, perform, and live together.

A snapshot of their excessively busy pre-pandemic lifestyle contrasts the following scenes, where we witness a day in the life of their adaptation to a newfound existence amid an arts industry in turmoil.



Deep into Victoria’s second lockdown best friends Laura and Jonathan decide to sleep with each other. Only problem is they’re both gay.

You Are Never Alone

Six strangers. Three phone calls.
LGBTIQ+ individuals from across Melbourne engage in intimate conversation and share their lockdown experiences – despite having never met before.