The dress I wish I'd worn when I was a little boy


Little Lipari - 143 Maude St

This mural was painted by the local community of Shepparton.

In partnership with Goulburn Valley Pride and proud LGBTIAQ+ ally, Little Lipari Café, Q+ (QuPlus) facilitated Shepparton's first queer mural during the 2023 Out In The Open Festival.

Once the design for the artwork had been approved, The canvas was prepared by local artist, Raphael Sutherland and divided into portions for individual community members to paint.

A sign of LGBTIAQ+ visibility, solidarity and hope in regional and rural Victoria.


The Artwork

designed for the local community by artist, Will Stewart.

Given a background in fashion, Will sought to revisit the very personal moments from childhood when a growing fascination for drawing so called "female" clothing, first revealed and allowed for the expression of a queer identity.
Will chose to respond in solidarity to the colours of the trans flag, as a way of representing the blurring of the female and male binary. A sign of hope to those who sit outside traditional gender stereotypes.

More about Will Stewart