The Q+ (Queer Plus) Facebook and Instagram pages are here for you to find out more about Q+ and engage with other people interested in LGBTIAQ+ community events and topics connected to Q+. We are also happy to discuss other relevant issues relevant to people living within the LGBTIAQ+ communities without stigma, prejudice, or discrimination.

We want to ensure everyone feels welcome and safe in these social media spaces. We ask that your posts are created in the same respectful manner that you would employ in the offline and broader communities that we live in.

Personal and aggressive attacks on any of these page will be deleted. You are entitled to your opinion, and we respect your point of view, but please remember posts on these pages are Q+ property, and we are responsible for your comments and the potential affect they may have on others.

Please refrain from publishing any content that:
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The Q+ team will remove any posts, comments or content that breaches these conditions.

Comments may be removed if deemed offensive, convey inaccurate information, are not relevant to the topic in question, or are used for the purpose of advertising products and services without the permission of Q+.

Comments, which name individual persons, organisations or products, may also be removed for legal reasons.

Fundraising activity on this page is limited to activities or initiatives relating to Q+ or groups that have permission from Q+.

If you see anything that concerns you (e.g. see the list above) please email us at We’ll check it out and take the action we think is necessary.

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